What is this site? This is where Raul Gutierrez experiments with various personal web projects. Where are the pictures of Mexico? Mexican Pictures refers to the person taking the pictures, not the subject matter. This said, you can find some mexico pictures here. So you are Mexican? You don't look Mexican. I'm Mexican/Irish. Do you like tacos? If I could, I would eat tacos every day. Can I hire you to take photographs? It depends on the project, but in general, yes. How do I reach you? Email is best. YoRaul@ (this website). When were these pictures taken? The vast majority are from 1999 to the present, a few are older and date as far back as 1991. Where are you now? Probably Brooklyn. Do you sell your photos? Yes, please contact my gallery. I hear you don't eat cheese. That's not a question. Do you eat cheese? No. Why not? I don't know. Where can I find more stuff? I have a personal website, but the photography there is a bit of a mishmosh.How often do you update? Sometimes very regularly, sometimes, not.What cameras do you use? Nikon FM2, Polaroid SX-70, Mamiya 7. Your pictures are too big for my monitor. What should I do? Time to get a bigger monitor. What's the deal with your hair?I've been grey since I was 18. I expect I'll only get greyer. Do you really hate cats? My goodness yes.Can I have a question answered here? Yes, just email (you can also twitter or get on flickr @ themexican).

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