The Science of Sleep

Most people are terrible at recounting their dreams ("I was an artichoke but I could dance like a mo-fo." - actual quote), and because most dreams lack narrative we listeners quickly grow bored. But Michael Gondry has made a career of telling us his dreams and what lovely dreams they are. Watching The Science of Sleep last Saturday at the Angelica I could literally feel our audience floating along for the ride. But the movie isn't good because it's fantastical (there are plenty of films that manage to be fantastical and dreadful) or because it does a good job recounting dreams, but because it taps into that feeling of falling for someone both physically close and emotionally far away. It's a painful/delicious/crazymaking feeling most of us can relate to. The movie ultimately falls a bit short because it tells us Stephane is in love with Stephanie without letting us fall in love with her ourselves (Stephane explains he falls for her because she 'makes things' which is fine for his character but perhaps not enough for the audience...or at least it's not enough for me). But this small criticism aside, it's the most fun and transporting picture I've seen in a long while and I might just have to sneak out to see it again.

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Now speaking of sleep. To bed I must go.


Justin said...

Can't wait to see it. I originally discovered the brilliance of Gondry through this incredible video.

9/28/2006 02:28:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The girl is a canvas for Gondry/Stephan to project onto rather than a fully formed character. We never know why he likes her so much so the movie feels like watching a friend talk about about someone they are obsessed with rather than getting obsessed ourselves. My friend's Hallie's theory is that Stephanie is just a reflection of Stephane, the dormant creative, the one who doens't finish things, and that the whole thing is a giant self-love fest. But then again she explains away everything as masturbation.

9/28/2006 03:08:52 PM  

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