Death Valley->Nevada->Utah

Day 2: 630 miles stopping place Mexican Hat

Pieces of pie eaten: 2 (both apple)
Burgers eaten: 1
number of clouds seen: 0
things that scared me: pack of vultures tearing apart a coyote

Once again a day of straight empty roads. While I had to take a detour to get over the mountains, the detour took me past Yucca mountain and through several desert basins. I love desert & mountain scenery. I love empty roads. Don't know why. Maybe it's the Mexican in me. I'm listening to all sorts of college history lectures on my ipod. So far I've covered about a thousand years of Egyptian history and Byzantium. Later I will do 10 hours of geology. Maybe I'll arrive back home super smart. Oddly enough all these scenes reminded me of places I had seen in China (Death Valley looks like Xinjiang, the Yucca Mountain area looks like Gansu, northern Nevada looks like Qinhai...etc). I arrived to Mexican Hat/ Monument Valley right at sunset.


Anonymous said...

Just found your journal and reading through it with great interest (and in reverse chronological order).

Question: where/how did you find college history lecture MP3s?

James / Practise

1/29/2005 07:01:38 PM  
raul said...

The Teaching Company lectures are available I think via audilble dot com. Mine were CDs which I ripped and put into the ipod.


1/29/2005 07:50:15 PM  

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