More apartments on the hunt...

Jenn looked at a bunch of places today.

The most promising was a converted firehouse. True 1800 square feet with a view of the Statue of Liberty from the roof:

The drawback to this place is that it's right next to a BQE onramp. So it's noisy. Maybe it's not a great idea to have a newborn right next to all those fumes.

Another place that was sort of promising was this one in Carnegie Hill. Fairly normal apartment with a nice big terrace:

The drawback here was that it is small... 1300 square feet. The whole apartment would fit in the downstairs here... and we've always been cramped in this house.

The other places weren't worth mentioning...

Final note does anyone know where to get Indian lamps like these ones (Jenn spotted them on the ceiling of a restaurant in Brooklyn):


Grace Toy said...

Did you ever find out how to get those lamps? You should ask the restaurant, most places I think would be glad to tell you I think if you're a good customer.

5/01/2005 01:25:32 AM  

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