January 29, 2010

20x200 20% Sale

Hey everybody, we're running our annual 20% off sale over at 20x200. The sale is a super opportunity to collect work from a wide range of top notch photographers and artists. The discount is for everything on our site including our largest prints. For those of you rusty with math that's $400 off our 30x40's... 11"x14's are now $40. It's a very good deal, but you have to jump because it expires soon!

The discount code is RIDONK (We call it a 20% More Ridiculous Sale). You enter it in google checkout. Want to learn more about the sale, read more here.

Here are a few long time Heading East favorites to get you started:

Cairo by Stefan Ruiz

by Scott Eiden

Fourth of July #2, Independence Missouri by Mike Sinclair

offSET #29, New York
by Lacey Terrell

There are hundreds more to choose from!

My picks don't do it for you? Let our gift guide help you discover art you'll love.

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