March 22, 2005

North Korean Comics & Chinese Propaganda

My brother-in-law Paul who is in Seoul sent me this link to some interesting North Korean comics today.

Browsing around led me to this link with North Korean propaganda posters.

I've long been fascinated with Communist propaganda and have been collecting Chinese posters for years. If you want to kill some time, check out Stefan Landsberger's vast collection of Chinese Propaganda Posters. Stefan wrote the book (literally) on the subject. His collection contains images that will blow your mind.

I used to have this image on my old website with the caption, "fun for you and your lady" it's from a Chinese poster (1980's).

The other must have book on the subject is by photographer Michael Wolf. His book is a bit easier to find than the other: Chinese Propaganda Posters: From the Collection of Michael Wolf

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03/23/05 04:31 PM

Is it just me...or does that North Korean woman dancer in the red slacks have a bad case of c-toe?

03/23/05 05:28 PM

Oh no, it's there... and carefully painted at that.

03/23/05 05:48 PM

Is your crotch hungry, girl? Cuz it's eating your pants...

03/23/05 07:27 PM

Let Us Dance Now To Bad Western Music from the '70s in Accordance With Socialist Lifestyle

03/24/05 12:03 AM

In this comic
I'm guessing the Excalibur-type sword is a metaphor for nuclear weapons?
And perhaps the flinging of rocks at the ogre indicates a plan to incapacitate American satellites with orbital-velocity sand?

03/25/05 10:50 AM

The Chinese male dancer looks a little bit like Elvis.

06/10/05 06:56 PM

Check out the website More Chairman Mao than you can shake a stick at, and only $20 each.

09/10/05 11:15 PM

I found this site today.It has a lot of Chinese propaganda posters.

03/17/06 09:00 PM

Hey thanks! This stuff is great! I need to communicate with these guys, I have some great poster ideas for them: "Kim Jong Il Is The Greatest B-Movie Critic Of All Time"; "The DPRK Red Detachment Of Women Will Now Show You That Their Latest Socialist Opera Does NOT Suck"; "Watch The American Running Dogs Cringe At The Mere Sight Of Our Immortal Leader's Saber-Rattling Press Releases"; "Bush - Will He Take The Bait and Invade Us - AGAIN?"; and the daringly modernistic pop entry: "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il Fears Not The US Moose and Squirrel". Think they'll fly in Pyongyang?

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