A comprehensive wedding schedule including bus information is available for download.

To download the pdf version click here.

To download the Microsoft Word version click here.


Note that we are getting reports that it has been a bit cooler than usual in Parras and during the evenings it can get down to about 60 F, which could feel quite cold in the desert. The weather is highly variable, but please come prepared.


We're getting very close!

A full and complete schedule will be up on this website by Saturday March 22st.

Note the number for the Radisson in Monterrey has recently changed. The new number is 011-52-81-8150-7000. If you need to reach Jennifer she will be at the hotel starting on March 24th.

Our list of confirmed guests now stands at 230 with 120 of you coming from the US.

Raul & Jenn.


Dear Friends and Family,

By now you have probably received our wedding invitations. Please feel free to call or drop us a note with any questions or concerns. We're excited that so many of you can make it and can't wait to see everyone in Mexico.

On the 'Where to Stay' page we have updated hotel information. The hotels are filling up so if you plan on attending, we urge your to make a reservation asap.

Several of you have asked about weather. The end of March in Monterrey is typically mild with highs in the 80°F range and lows in the 40°F range, but weather in Monterrey is notoriously unpredicatable, so as you get closer, check this Monterrey weather site for more info. Out in Parras daytime highs are usually in the 70s with nights in the 40s. It can get windy in March so make sure to bring an extra layer just in case.

We'll see you soon,

Raul & Jenn


We're doing our best to plan a memorable wedding weekend and hope you all can join us.

Our ceremony will take place in a country church located outside the village of Parras de la Fuente. The reception will be held shortly afterward in the Hacienda San Lorenzo, Mexico's oldest winery (1529). The crowd will include Jenn's Korean family, Raul's Mexican family, friends from Princeton, Wheaton, Texas, and abroad... and of course a few mariachis.

We have recently updated the site with lots of travel information and we will be posting more as the date grows near, so please check back if you need more details. Also feel free to call either of us to ask any questions you might have.

Much love,

Jennifer and Raul

Jenn: 323-664-1968
Raul: 323-667-1984